Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Going without would be difficult...

We changed churches over a year ago as we were looking for something more traditional. And, a year after we moved on, there are some things that are so special to our daughter that would be difficult to go without.

Our new church has a statue of the Resurrected Lord behind the alter, a crucifix on the alter, and a stained glass window of the crucifixion over the alter. I never really thought of why these images were important until Mallory wanted to go look at them up close. We visit these images each week after service so we can talk about Jesus and all He has done for her. It was there she first said, "Jesus loves me," and "Jesus saves me." It was there where she first said, "Jesus risen," and "Jesus will come back later."

Husband is going to be deployed soon. And it was there that we explained to her that God is always with us even when Mommy and Daddy can't be. And it was there that one of the elders told her that Jesus wants to hear everything on her heart.

Yeah, it would be difficult to do without these symbols because they encourage her so much.

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